Q. What is Meditation? Answer. Nothing is Meditation

By | December 27, 2018

If you are new to meditation then please do not get excited with meditation as it is a human tendency to get obsessed with something new and make new expectations around it. These expectations will never lead you to Meditational blissfulness as these expectations are the only reason for your sufferings.


If you are interested in meditation hoping this will help you to succeed in professional life or it will improve your personal life than you are mistaking. Meditation has nothing to do with them all.


In deep meditation you are far away from the polarities of good and bad. When you are into really deep meditation you transcend both. You experience bliss. This is beyond mind. You can never conceive it with the mind. Because mind think only in duality.

You must have heard that meditation is the key to blissfulness. But don’t presume this “bliss” as your dreams will now come true or all your expectations will get manifested. In bliss there is no desiring mind. In bliss you live in present and in present (the here and now moment) there is no place for future’s expectations and past’s memories. Bliss is a phenomenon of higher level of consciousness.

why you need to start meditating today

To attain that super consciousness, meditation is the key. This inner journey of Meditation towards your consciousness gives a new dimension to your life. It drops the duality of your mind. Thus you do not remain the same person anymore. It changes your perception and view point about life. So this world becomes less meaningful to you than the universe inside you.


With meditation one can change his life in to a blissful life. There is nothing you have to do in meditation actually that doing nothing is meditation. When you hold no thought in your mind not even those good & beautiful thought or picture that you think is holy and spiritual.


Thoughtlessness is Meditation. Thinking about god, soul, consciousness is not meditation either. You might even think that all these thoughts are good and pious. So you keep on thinking upon them.


But in fact that every thought creates a tension on your consciousness. Your consciousness reaches its ultimate height when there is no thought.


Now the question arise why these thoughts keep on popping up, especially while one is meditating and that too with so tremendous force? Actually when we meditate it’s our mind which plays the trick to throw as many thoughts as possible so that it becomes difficult to meditate.

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As mind knows this fact that if only for once human consciousness tasted this thoughtless experience then there will be mind no more. That will be the death of mind. So mind fights back with extreme force and speeds up the process of flashing thoughts and makes it difficult.


So then what to do? Well you should never discourage yourself seeing the power of mind. It has become so powerful because for many lives we have lived on making the mind stronger. This mind has put us in many difficulties and made us a fool many times. But one have never questioned its credibility. One keep on relying on it every time.


If you do not want to be a victim of the mind and wants to break the chains of mind which is all around us. The only thing you need to do is just be a watcher of those thoughts. See them, witness them. Do nothing with them. Even a very little effort from our side will provide immense power & strength to the mind itself to defeat us.



Just remain a witness of these thoughts. Do not get identified with any of them. Not even a single thought is yours. They are outsiders, foreigners. You are just witnessing them.

You are not suppose to judge them. Calling any thought good, bad, ugly, beautiful, sexual and non sexual will enable the mind to get back on the driver’s seat. By making meditation a routine for a long time gradually a day will come when you’ll become absolutely non judgmental. That is when the barrier between human consciousness and super consciousness falls down.


And when I say death of mind it only means you will be on the driver’s seat. You will become the master. The mind will become your servant. Mind’s functioning will be in your control now. It will be in your hands. No thought will be able to control your action or emotion as it is ruling you now.

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