Proverbs Don’t Contradicts Each Other

By | December 28, 2018

These two proverbs may sound contradicting to each other but actually, they are not contradicting at all. its just the context in which they are used is different altogether. Both are used in completely in a different scenario. You can’t use them interchangeably otherwise it will mean something else. Let take this as an example. Let’s suppose if someone is getting away from his girlfriend for a few two months. He might say to his girlfriend some sweet words like this…

Don’t you get upset during this time we are away from each other, whenever you close your eyes and remember me I will come near to you.” Never for a moment think that you are alone. Just remember Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Now here the boyfriend can’t use the proverb Out of sight out of mind. Otherwise, he will have to find a new girlfriend.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

is a proverb that is used when one is away from his/her beloved. This proverb is used to make a person stronger enough to deal with the pain of his/her beloved’s absence. In fact, that very absence will intensify your love.

Out of sight out of mind

is a proverb is used when someone who was in your frequent contact is now no longer in your contact. Now this person will soon be out of your good book as he/she was only important till the time he/she was present. Basically, this proverb says that those who remain in your contact only those are the one who stays in your heart. Their absence makes you forget them.


All good things come to those who wait.

This nugget of wisdom helps the man to learn patience and allow things to happen after doing an honest job. This proverb also describes waiting as a virtue that one should have. This proverb motivates to have patience and is used when someone is too eager to take action

Time and tide wait for no man. 

Is a proverb that is used when one has to give advice to someone that he should not wait any longer and get the job done otherwise situation will change and he will miss the opportunity that might not be available again. This proverb encourages to do take action and used when someone is too lazy to take action.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

is a proverb which is used to indicate that if there is similarity of interest in two persons then they tend to be found together because they have similar interest.       

Opposites Attract

is a proverb that is used when people with different nature gets attract to each other. Here one thing should be noted that only a certain opposite quality attracts not every. If a person has a certain habit which he considers as bad habit and wants to get rid of it then he will get attracted to someone who possesses the exact opposite of that bad habit which he admires.

For example, a girl who finds it hard to express his anger and frustration is more likely to get attracted by a boy who expresses his anger very boldly. As she knows that it’s her weakness that she finds it difficult to express her anger so for her the opposite of that shyness which daring and boldness is so attractive.


Actions Speak Louder than Words:- 

is a proverb that says one should focus more on doing things practically rather than just speaking about it. This proverb is used to prove that one should be more focused on doing action rather than merely thinking about doing it.

 The Pen is Mightier than the Sword:-

Means that one should use communication as a method to get the optimum result rather than using violence or weapons to get things done. It, in no ways, contradicts Actions Speak Louder than Words. Both are used in different contexts.


Life is What We Make It:-

This proverb teaches us to focus more on to work hard and develop a positive mindset. It is very much like what you sow so shall you reap.

What is to Be Will Be:-

This proverb does not convey the message that one has to leave everything up to God’s will as many of us thinks. In no way, it says we cannot make our lives as we want by hard work. It only means do what needs to be done but do it without expecting a particular outcome only.


Many Hands Make Light Work:-

This proverb says that it becomes easy to do any task if we get help from other people. This proverb is used when the emphasis is to be given on teamwork.

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth:-

This proverb doesn’t mean that we should not look for others help. But rather everyone in the group should not try to be the expert or the leader. Only, in that case, things get messed up. This proverb is used when no one on the team is following the captain or leader.


He Who Hesitates is Lost:-

is a proverb which is used when more than necessary time is taken for making a decision on something. This proverb is used when quick action is urgently required as enough talk is already done but a serious action is yet not taken. The hesitation could also be in the form of laziness or procrastination. This proverb is most suited to those who often delay their action because they are busy in making an action plan.

Look Before You Leap:-

is a proverb which is used when thorough planning is done before the final execution of the action. This proverb is used when someone is too keen to take action without giving much importance to proper planning. It doesn’t mean that taking time for proper planning is similar to hesitation. This proverb is most suited to those individuals who start their project just on a whim without a proper plan.


The Best Things in Life Are Free:-

This proverb points out the importance of valuable things in our life to which we pay almost no attention. We tend to prioritize things which cost money rather than a small thing of everyday life like family, friends, smile, hugs, laughter, love etc. This proverb is used when someone is making a whole lot of effort just to find peace, money or happiness but instead, all these priceless things can be attained without making a lot of efforts.

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch:-

This proverb simply indicates that you can get something for doing nothing. In order to attain something, one must have to work hard for it. Basically, this proverb is used for slackers who are not willing to work hard and look for ways to get things done on their favor without making any effort.


Tomorrow Never Comes:-

is a widely popular and very commonly used proverb which indicates that every worth doing thing should be get done as soon as possible without postponing it on tomorrow or in future because whatever postponed in future never gets accomplished. Tomorrow always comes in the form of today, in reality, there is never a tomorrow. This proverb is used in situations when an important thing, which should be done quite earlier, is getting delayed in search of a right time for it.

Tomorrow is another Day:-

is a proverb which is used to bring positivity back into life after having a bad experience. This Proverb brings a new light of hope for a better future and helps to move forward in life without letting the past to disturb your future. Because when someone faces a huge setback in life, the only hope remains for that person is to be hopeful for the future. You cannot say “Tomorrow Never Comes” to a person who is just blown away by a tragedy in his life.

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