5 Events in Life That Teaches a Great Lesson

By | February 4, 2019

5 Events in Life That Teaches a Great Lesson

1. Death of a Beloved One:– 

The Most Difficult time one can endure in his life is when someone you love goes far away from you and there is no possibility of returning back. This is the moment when it becomes impossible for you to even imagine your life will ever get back to the track like how it was before with him/her.

Life never remains the same after losing someone who was very close. At some time one might feel like give up living and isolate oneself from the world. A world where every little thing reminds of him/her.

The fact that all those good times you spend with him/her has now become a memory brings tears to eyes. All that silly, stupid fight will never happen again also kills deep inside.

But this could be the time when you learn the greatest lesson that life can teach you. This lesson is so valuable that it changes your life dramatically. And the change it brings is applicable to the various dimension of your life.

Your whole perspective on life changes. As I said it can change your life dramatically whether it is in a positive direction or in a negative direction. Now it all depends on you how will you let this incident take over you.

People deal with this scenario differently. Some let this grief take over them and let it ruin their life by becoming a drunkard and remain isolated from the world from zero to minimum social contact.

They find it hard to accept this fact that he/she now will never return. This is the worst way to deal with it. Shaping your life this way after a great loss will never let you move on in life.

Some take their life into a completely new journey of spirituality. Their interest shifts from worldly matters to learning spirituality.

This person eventually becomes a new person after such a tragedy. Instead of losing control of his life and spending all day crying alone. He actually becomes a better version of himself by understanding the futility of life.

He learns the greatest lesson of life that everything in this life is impermanent. He accepts the impermanent nature of all beings and that you can hold on to nothing. Everything in this life is going to part from you at some point in life.

He thanks God for bringing this awesome person in their life for whatsoever time he/she remained.

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2. Marriage:–

Marriage is a crucial Moment in life. When you bring someone in your life to be a part of your happiness and struggles of life. Someone who will stand by you in all phases of life.

After marriage, all your decisions, as well as the decision-making process, doesn’t remain the same as it used to be before marriage.

Earlier all your decisions were used to revolve around you. You were the only one who was going to be affected by the decisions you took. But after marriage, careful planning is required before making any decision as your better half is also involved in the outcome of your decision.

Whether the decision is related to changing career, buying a house, budgeting for household items, planning for a holiday, socializing with friends, taking out time to pursue a hobby, saving money for future etc.

You realize the importance of this bond and make sure none of your actions and decisions affects this union negatively.

Thus it makes you one step closer to selflessness as you are now in companionship with someone for a lifetime. And as the love gets more intensify by time and togetherness your life partner becomes more important to you than you yourself.

You become a team. This team of just two of you becomes so strong that it can face any difficult circumstances life throws at you. Lucky are those who get a partner like this.

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3. Birth of Your First Child:–

This is the moment no couple can forget. When you and your partner bring a new life into this world. This small bundle of joy adds a new purpose to your life.

Before child, you were living your life as both of you like it and now you’ve someone to take care of. The birth of a first child brings a major transition in a couple’s life.

It doesn’t mean now it is the end of the romantic phase of a couple’s life but instead, life becomes more meaningful to them.

Birth of your first child makes you more responsible because now you’ve to make sure to meet the requirement of a newborn baby. How surprising it is that a delicate baby makes you feel complete inside especially for a woman.

Often it is believed that a woman’s life is not complete until she gives birth to a baby.  I don’t know how true this statement is probably yes to some extent.

But there is no doubt that first child makes you realize that you’ve not remained the same what you used to be before the child. The woman becomes a mother and the man becomes a father.



4. Being in Debt:

Hopelessness and helplessness phase of life teaches you some of the most valuable lessons in life. Sometimes failure and hardship make you wiser and stronger than any success or achievements in life.

Being in debt can make you feel isolated and vulnerable at times. The feeling of being in debt is horrible. Nobody likes to get financially paralyzed. But this financial tragedy can be a great lesson to learn from.

The Mistakes that land a person into debt can be many like poor money management, Gambling, Little to no savings, Not being able to save a marriage that ends up in divorce, underemployment etc.

Whether one finally saves oneself from getting out of debt or not but this heartbreaking phase of life gives you a reality check.

This phase will make you understand the importance of family support, the value taking right decisions at right time, investing your time and energy on things that will make your future bright, truth of the people who once said that they will stand by you always.



5. Being Unemployed:

Most of us take pride in telling the positions that we hold in our professional life to people. The higher authority job we hold the more we feel powerful in society. That is why this time of being unemployed feel like having an identity crisis.

And if this jobless period gets prolong to a longer duration like a year it makes you feel like you are good for nothing. You lose self-confidence and become a worthless person in your own eyes.

You feel embarrassed to go out and don’t want anybody to know about the fact that you don’t have a 9 to 5 rush anymore.

For many being jobless are a sense of shame and a personal failure. What hurts most is not that you are not getting a job but that the people are building their nonsensical opinions about you.

In today’s society, People judge others by their financial conditions. The more money one has the more respect one gets. Thus losing a job and sitting at home becomes a depressive period of life. It’s a pity that we in our society link job with a sense of self-worth.

Although having a job has nothing to do with your self-worth and you being seen as a respectable person in society.

But surviving this tough time with courage and dignity will make you realize the importance a lot of things in life as well as the true faces of people around you. Enduring hardships like this leaves you with a crucial lesson.


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