8 Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media

By | February 7, 2019

8 Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media Now www.mentalfungus.com

1. Social Media is Total Waste of Time –

Believe it or not, using social media like Facebook or Instagram platforms makes you lazy too. Most of the people use social media on daily basis perhaps hundreds of time in a day. Ask yourself have you ever found anything on Facebook for personal growth and development or anything that has elevated your knowledge about something worth knowing besides fake smiles and show off drama.  

We always complain about not having enough time in a day, well if you quit social it may free up a lot of time to do something useful rather than refreshing the stupid meaningless feeds on your Facebook wall.



2. Social Media Gives you Fake Friends –

The friends you make on Facebook are not genuine friends. These are the just the people who befriended you just on the basis of how awesome your profile picture is. Or some other silly reasons like how long your friend list is, how famous you are, how they can sell you something etc. Think of it.

If someone is befriending you on these stupid reasons how good this person would be? People who use Facebook get fascinated by this idea of having a huge number of friends, plenty of likes and flattering comments and a lot of following. The more friends they have the more they feel famous or well known.

But how many of those friends they actually meet up and share a deep intimate relationship in reality? They would hardly show up if you need them.



3. Social Media Depresses you –

This is the most important reason one should quit Facebook. Many of you might have felt a little depressed while using Facebook.

Teenage boys and girls are more prone to get depressed by the troll on their posted image on social media or any negative comment by someone. For teenagers a silly comparison like “how can his/her photo got more likes than mine?” can upset them.

When you see facebook feeds where people show only the best of their life. It makes you feel like your own life is pathetic and everybody else is enjoying it to the fullest. People post their best pictures and the latest happenings in their life even if in reality their life sucks. Nobody likes to show the sufferings and adversity of their life. People tend to hide it, Moreover, they try to cover it by showing the exact opposite of their agony by magnifying whatever little progress they make.

If Posts their like engagements, weddings, babies, cars, jobs, foreign trips etc makes you envy and jealous of them then you are not alone. That is why excessive use of social media can lead to anxiety and low self-esteem.

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4. Personally, Meeting and Greeting Becomes Awkward –

If you find happiness in seeing someone coming online and sending him a message then you would never appreciate the presence of the same person in reality. How many times you’ve not experienced this awkwardness in meeting this person in reality with whom every “Hi” and “Hello” was happening through text.

Socializing face to face has more positive effects on mental health than communicating online. Socializing in person or even over the phone has more depth, as you can express your emotions with gestures, postures and facial expressions which makes communication more alive and interesting. Rather than texting on the phone where you’ve no idea how your words are getting interpreted by other.



5. You Live For Being Online –

These social media captivates your mind you so much so that you always keep on searching a perfect click for your next best post or Status online to show how perfect your life.

But that’s how you forget to enjoy the real moment and focus more on getting the perfect photograph to show off. Live the moment when you are alive and present at that moment instead of letting it pass unenjoyed.



6. Makes You Dependant –

Getting a huge number of following or having a heart or getting a thumbs up means a lot to you. It gives you instant gratification. Moreover, social media also releases a rush of a hormone called dopamine. It is “feel-good hormone.” Dopamine is associated with feelings of euphoria, motivation, and concentration.

So the more you derive pleasure or good feeling from social media the more you get addicted to it. Thus you find it hard to resist using it and becomes dependant on it.

These social media platform hooks you by showing content that is relevant to your interest by using a sophisticated algorithm, cookies and your browsing history. Therefore they keep you stick to their platform by recommending your favorite content one after another.



7. No Family Time –

As I said when clicking a photo for Facebook becomes more important to you than you find it hard to get your hands off from your mobile even if you are at the dinner table with family. A little vibration is enough to distract you in the middle of a conversation with your parent at the dinner table.



8. Making you lazy –

Spending hours and hours on laptop or mobile devises, chatting or surfing the Internet is making our youth obese.

Social media is also making us lazy in subtle ways. It may be hard to apprehend but it is true. We’ve become so lazy that we don’t consider wishing our loved ones in person as it is much easier to wish them with a graphical and animated greeting on social media.

Earlier whenever we get lost we used to ask directions from people around us thus a conversation used to begin even with unfamiliar unknown people.

But now you just need to put your cellphone out and Google is there to help you with its latest navigation technology about any location on the map. Thus a human connection has lost.

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