Rethink Your Beliefs About Youth And Aging

By | February 14, 2019

Obsession With Staying Young Forever

Staying young forever has always been the deepest desire in the human’s heart. There is no time in history when men and women had not fantasized this idea of remaining young forever and retaining all the qualities of youth. All our life

All products in the market promote youthfulness as if being young is the only way to feel alive.  Just look at all the commercial running on T.V channels nowadays. Almost all these products are body related.

You would hardly find any commercial that is not related to our sense of physicality. Whether the product is related to cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, electronics, food and beverage, automotive etc it’s all there to put your body in comfort and ease.

Obsession With Staying Young Forever

All these beauty products out there in the market promise to deliver younger-looking skin. The market is filled with various Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle serums, creams, lotions, cleansers, moisturizer, and whatnot. The alluring title, description, and promises of these products can make any woman’s mind and heart say “go get it”.

Their intention is to get your mind always obsessed with how you look. The more the make you conscious you about your body the more products they can sell.

They set a certain standard of physical attractiveness. And often the standards they set are so unachievable that you would never find it easy to achieve them.

And even if you achieve the beauty standards set by them they change it soon. To keep you running after a particular glorified beauty image set up by them in the media.

They keep on launching new products or renewal of existing product with catchy titles calling it as “Improved Formula”. Hence we always get tricked by their improved formula strategy.

The timing of the launch of their new formula is also very strategic. Once the selling graph starts going downwards it is the appropriate time to launch either the new formula of the product or a sibling of the existing product.

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Bombardment of Advertisements


These marketers know how vulnerable we are on the matters of our looks and appearance. Thus it becomes very easy for them to influence our mind into buying whatever they are showing to us through the bombardment of advertisements on various mediums.

There is nothing wrong in wearing a little bit of makeup to look presentable but when it goes to the extent of plastic surgery and injecting Botox then this issue becomes alarming.

Going this far just to look presentable means that you don’t love your face or body.  Issues like body shaming are the reason why people go to the extent of putting such injectable filler on their face or body.

No matter how educated and beautiful a woman is she always find it hard to step out of the house without makeup. She feels insecure inside her own skin.

Every woman compares herself with the model she sees in the media. Without knowing how terrible life these models live just to be in the fashion industry by maintaining an arduous “size zero” kind of figure.

This cosmetic selling agenda has made women so conscious about her physical features that it becomes hard for her to see other aspects of her own life.

On average every woman homes about 40 different cosmetic products and spends about 55 minutes every day. On the other hand, men use little to no products on them.

Thus woman wastes a lot of her time and resources in the least important things. This time and money could’ve invested in doing something worthwhile like pursuing goals in education, business, family, hobbies.

The final aim of all these marketers out there is to make you always conscious about your body. Have you ever thought that everything which is getting sold to you is making you believe that you are just a body and there is nothing else in you like soul.

No wonder that nowadays we don’t see people taking much interest in spirituality.

In today’s world of consumerism, people are completely unaware of the soul and a spiritual journey that one has to finally embark for inner peace.

People seek happiness and contentment in products. The products cannot give anyone ultimate serenity and peace. They can just give instant gratification but nothing more than that.


Old Age Has Its Own Beauty

In order to see the beauty of old age, you need to drop your preconceived notions about beauty.

In old age people loses their charming face of youth, a magical spark in the eyes, whiteness mixed up in hair, teeth do not remain in the perfect shape, saggy skin is all there all over the body, no strength and agility as it used to be during youth.

There is no doubt that the glowing skin of youth looks very pretty but believe me it can never outshine the wrinkles of lifelong experiences.

These wrinkles are signs of experience. It shows that one has survived this far confronting all the adversities and sufferings of life.

Every old face has a story written on it

Every old face has a story written on it. A story of a lifetime. Every old face reflects the moments of history in his/her life. It doesn’t matter whether one had a successful life or had a poor life of misery. An old man or woman’s stories can be nuggets of wisdom for the youth.

Old age gives a new definition to beauty. Beauty in youth is merely skin deep. But in old age, this mere skin-deep superficial definition leaves behind.

Those who have lived their life to the fullest and enjoyed every phase of life with all the emotions and relationships it offers. They never look back in time and feel sad that they can never go back to their youth.

I am not saying that they never feel nostalgic. Yes, they do but not in a similar way as normally older people do. Their nostalgic moments are always mixed with a sense of loss.

But those who really “lived” every passing moment of time never remember past moments with a sigh of getting back in time to relive it.   


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