Things You Must Experience in Life

By | February 24, 2019

things we all must have experience in life

You don’t need to have millions of dollars to live happily. If you follow some of the advice given below you would find much easy to go through during tough times of life. Not because these will keep troubles away from your life but because these will never let you feel down and will always keep you going in high spirits.

Learning a Musical Instrument

1. Learn to play a Musical Instrument 

There are many benefits of playing a musical instrument. It gives a new way of expressing yourself. Something that you find hard to say can easily be expressed through an instrument.  When you think something is there in your heart and is not finding its way out then pick up a musical instrument and it will give you a sense of relief that will seem magical.

That’s the power of music. It may be complicated in the initial stage to learn an instrument. Your fingers might get hurt and tired. The theory might seem boring. Catching the correct rhythm would be confusing. A new breathing technique might be hard to cope up with. But the final reward would be awesome when music in you will find its way out.

This entire struggle will eventually make you a better learner and will enhance your concentration and coordination. You cannot imagine the euphoria you’ll have once you’ll finally master your first song. It gives a strong sense of achievement

Playing music makes you happy as well as it reduces stress and depression.

When we see someone playing an instrument we immediately feel attracted to the person playing it. Everyone likes to become the friend of such a person. Because who doesn’t like to be surrounded by beautiful sound.

As far as music is concern it is there in every one of us, it’s that only some of us bring it out. So be the one who can.

One must travel to a unknown place

2. Travel to an Unknown Place

When everything that you do becomes boring and lifeless then its best to pack your backpack and travel. It’s much better if that journey is to an unknown place. A place where you have never been before. The more newness you will see around you the more it will freshen your mind and soul. Because it’s all about getting yourself out of comfort zone.

One tends to develop a comfort zone following the same schedule of every day. When every action of our daily life becomes repetitive and preplanned then we not only lose grip on reality but also life becomes dull and boring.

By remaining in comfort zone you can never let yourself grow intellectually as well as emotionally. An adventure done on the other side of the world in some other continent far from your home is more exciting and gratifying than sitting in your office and working on an excel sheet on your desktop.

The main reason why traveling kills monotonous boring pattern of life is it bring unfamiliarity to your everyday lifestyle. A new place put across new people, dresses, roads, landscapes, land, terrain, culture, tradition, language, food etc.

Travelling makes you a knowledgeable about other cultures and the world around you thus you become an interesting person. When you have a lot of sweet memories of various journeys this eventually makes you a great storyteller.

It will make you realize the true value of your home and homeland. We normally never appreciate the real value of the thing that own and normally live in. A short period of separation makes your love alive for the things you normally never take notice of.

A Man Should Must make a Girl his best friend

3. Make a Girl your Best Friend

If you are a man then this advice is for you. Having a girl as your best friend is the best thing that you can do to make yourself stay strong during hardship.

Seriously guys, what a woman can do in terms of supporting you in adversity is something no one else can. If you have lost all your motivation due to a failure and it is seemingly impossible to stand up and startup everything all again.

At this time a woman’s hand on your shoulder and supportive words like “Don’t worry everything will be alright” in your ears can give you a new ray of hope.

A woman’s friendship is sometimes more insightful and precious than of a man’s friendship to a man. On various matters, this girl best friend knows more about you than what you know about yourself. Sometimes she knows you even better than your sister and mother as she has seen the side of yours that your sister and mother haven’t seen yet.

So even her intuitions about you should be taken seriously like the intuition of any woman.  A woman’s friendship will always teach you a new lesson every day. I am not saying women are genius in all aspect of life or their advice is credible in every situation of life.

But her intuitive nature, expertise in nonverbal reading, and precise emotional understanding make her way than man’s ability in these areas. Therefore her support is really quite precious. On a lighter note, if you are a woman reading this article then your friendship with your girlfriend might not be as rich and wholesome as your male friend. But that’s a topic for some other post.

Having a pet dog should be a must

4. Have a Pet Dog 

If you ask me what is the best part of this article? I would without any doubt choose this point. Having a pet is like having a powerful stress buster. A companion who is with you without expecting anything in return but just love and care. There are lots of benefits of having a pet whether it is health or mental.

A pet can bring a lot of happiness in your life that you can’t even imagine. No wonder why dogs are considered as man’s best buddy.

A day in the life of pet owner is more exciting than someone who doesn’t have a pet. Some pet owner does not require an alarm clock as they often wake up by a licking tongue of their best buddy. This small bundle of joy makes you go through every emotion not just happiness and joy.

If you love sleeping a lot then your sleep will often be disturbed by a lovely cute pet especially if the pet is just a week old. But this is something that you will never complain about. Your pet will take care of your well being whenever he will see you in stress and depression.

He will keep on licking you till you start smiling and laughing. He will keep you fit and healthy by making you run after him during those mornings or evening walks.

everyone should must have at least one hobby

5. Have a Hobby 

A hobby is something that refreshes you after a long day of stress at work. It is something that you do just for the sheer pleasure of doing it. A hobby could be anything other than what you normally do for a living. Your hobby could be indoor or outdoor.

People who follow their hobby seriously often experience a state of flow. A mental state when you completely get observed in what you are doing and you forget the sense of space and time. You are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity as defines it.

A hobby gives you an opportunity to take a break when you think lost your productivity by continuously working for a long while. If you are in a creative profession there comes a time when it feels that you are out of ideas and there is no more motivation left. Then shifting towards your hobby for some days can revive your Motivation.

Following a hobby gives you an opportunity to befriend like-minded people that are equally passionate about the same thing you like doing for fun and refreshment. You can have multiple hobbies or interest there is no problem in that.

Don’t assume that the more hobbies you’ll have the more you can refresh your mind. It’s just that you’ll find it hard to give all of them equal time and dedication.

So don’t wait for your retirement to pursue a hobby because then you’ll definitely have enough time and money but might not have the energy.


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