How does Déjà vu Feels like

By | December 3, 2018

How does deja vu feels like

I think almost everyone know what Déjà vu is. About almost everyone I talked to about these weird phenomena agreed that they have experienced it many times. They get little surprised when they get to know that this uncanny felling has a name too. Maybe they never talked about this experience because they might have thought it will look so awkward talking about such strange moments. Wondering I might be the only one who experience so.

Déjà vu is a French word which means “already seen”. And that is how it feels like exactly. It is a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. No matter how strange the present situation is, if you luckily have a déjà vu moment, it will feel like you have already been here and whatsoever you will see in that particular moment will make you believe that this has already happened to you and it is something you are seeing one more time. Even if it’s your first time being there.


If you are the one who have never experienced this you are really missing something great. These déjà vu moments lasts for about 5 to 10 seconds but in those few seconds you began to feel some different sensations that you have never felt before. In this post I will talk my personal experience with déjà vu rather than writing what other website says about déjà vu. Before writing this article I thought about having a look on other posts what they have to say about déjà vu. So that I will a have better insight about déjà vu and will a have better content for this post.


But as soon as I started reading these article on déjà vu I felt quite small in front of these big articles from highly regarded websites who are considered as authority on the subject. who am I to write about this? I mean, I am not a psychologist who know almost every little thing about mind and have research team and laboratory to work on these mind related issues. Who will listen to me? I don’t have a degree in psychology. All these questions began to pop up in my mind and I began to lose my will power to write on this topic.


After sometime I convinced myself and finally my will power won. I thought that all these website are giving credible scientific information about déjà vu but the language that they are using is either too technical or hard to understand for a normal person. Moreover they are giving scientific explanations for this phenomena rather than a personal touch to it which I think everyone wants to read.


In this post I will share some of my experience with déjà vu with using technical and medical terminology like neurons, receptors, pre frontal cortex, stimuli, hippo-campus and all that. I will not guarantee that after reading this post you will began to have a great understanding about déjà vu but I’ll assure that you will now see it differently and might start noticing something that you had never before.


Once I started getting more interested in déjà vu I first began to note down some important things about it. Which I thought would be something everyone wanting to know and if not they might become interested after seeing that this déjà vu experience can be viewed and questioned like this. I began to make note of the following things.


  1. For how long does my déjà vu usually lasts?
  2. How can i make déjà vu happen more often?
  3. At what time déjà vu happens more?
  4. What can shorten a déjà vu experience like for a second or two?
  5. Can i use déjà vu for some other purposes?

Then I decided to find out answer for these questions with my own experience. First, like anyone would, I started waiting for an déjà vu to happen as no one can plan it or prepare for to happen. And this is the most bizarre thing about it. Eventually it began to happen in few days. Which made me realize that if you wait for it or should I say truly wish for it, it will start to happen.


And to my surprise it began to occur more than it ever occurred to me. And that was something like a blessing for me because for a momentary experience like déjà vu one really need to have a series of these experiences in order to go deeper in it. When I had it for the first time, after deciding that I will try to see it from a new perspective, i tried to find answer of those above mention questions. And I came up with following conclusions. I recorded all this in 2014 and It took me about 6 months to study my own déjà vu happenings. I got near about 12 déjà vu experiences during that time which to me is a lot.


Q1. For how long does my déjà vu usually lasts?

Ans. All my déjà vu lasts about 7-8 seconds. And I figured out that the more use talk to yourself during déjà vu that “this is déjà vu I am having” it tends to last a bit longer.


Q2. How can i make déjà vu happen more often?

Ans. There is nothing you can do to make to happen more often but one thing that help me is I think the belief in the law of attraction. As I mentioned above the more you truly believe in déjà vu and a sincere desire to have déjà vu might help to get it.


Q3. At what time déjà vu happens more?

Ans. in my observation I have found that it happened to me more in morning time. But that is not something that I want your attention to go in. the most interesting thing you should know in regards to this question is it happened to me more when I was in public, I mean to say was I was surrounded by 3 or 4 persons. I am not saying it is magical number or that you can have déjà vu only by being surrounded by this number of persons. It was just an observation. May be in the presence of humans your mind is more susceptible to experience a déjà vu rather than being alone.


Q4. What can shorten a déjà vu experience like for a second or two.

Ans. Well normally a déjà vu lasts for about 7 to 8 seconds. But in my experiments with this uncanny feeling I didn’t find any way to shorten it neither I wanted to. Even if you try do something absolutely bizarre at that moment hoping this might end your déjà vu or you will shorten it. It isn’t going to happen. In fact you will see whatsoever stupid thing you do at that moment thinking that I have never done this before so it might break that déjà vu feeling but that first time thing will also get swallowed by déjà vu. Trust me I tried it too.


Q5. Can i use déjà vu for some other purposes?

Ans. This is the most interesting part of this article that I wanted to talk about. I don’t think anyone would have thought about it regarding déjà vu. I question this déjà vu as “What if this experience which we call déjà vu is an opportunity by the unknown to question the reality of this world and our existence in this world?


I mean if we look from a spiritual perspective like Hinduism.  Hindu believes that this world is MAYA. The word Maya means illusion. Whatsoever we see in this world is just our Projection, there is nothing out there but consciousness. This world that looks real to us is not out there but actually inside the one who is seeing it that is why we all interpret things differently even if it is one happening out there.


Another Hinduism concept that I want to point out here is that they call this world “saṃsāra” which can be described as cyclicality of all life, karmic cycle, reincarnation, wheel life and death and so on. Hindu believes that you are not born only for this time. You have been born countless times in the past. You are just repeating the same old process again and again.  And it will keep going on until you finally wakes up.


The reason why I am pointing out these terms is because déjà vu is so uncanny feeling which makes you forget past and future, even for a very short time, and brings you so closer to present moment that it could be considered as a little spark from the unknown to realize this world you are living is something you have been living for a long long time. And Déjà vu might be a wakeup call but its alarm sound is quite low that’s why nobody take it seriously.


There are many other Meta physical stuff that I think can be connected with déjà vu experience but I think it is enough for this post. I am no authority in this field I have just shared opinions and observation. If you liked this post please comment and share it with one whom you think should read this post. Your comments and Suggestions will be something that I would love to read so please leave you valuable comments.


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