22 Small things that makes you Happy.

By | November 27, 2018

22 Small things that makes you happy.

Following are the collection of some little moments that are not big at all but the smile it brings on are face makes these small moments really awesome. It does not even require some great karmic deeds of the past to enjoy these moments. They just happens by luck one can not plan these moments.

1. When your parcel gets delivered prior to the delivery date.

2. During School days. You haven’t done your homework and that subject teacher is absent today.

3. You have just started missing this person and your mobile starts ringing, flashing his/her name.


4. You arrived late at the railway station and luckily your train is also late as if it was waiting for you.


5. You missed this movie a week later on television and now as you turn on tour t.v you find the same movie is about to start within 2 minutes.


6. Because you thought that this match is gone from your favorite team ability to win. you turn off the t.v. and went to sleep only to find out in early morning’s news bulletin that your team won yesterday.


7. It is in front of you on the question paper, the exact same question that you finally mastered yesterday. And that too on 10 marks section.


8. The same dress or trouser is now on 50% discount that was of full price few days ago.


9. Your teacher is making random groups of the students of your class for a project. Each group will consist of two students and suddenly all your prayers got answered and you find yourself in the same group with him or her. You know what i mean to say.


10. You are on dieting and a fat loss mission. you kept it as a secret. Sadly Nobody is noticing you at all. One day suddenly your hear this “hey….what you are up to… you are looking very slim”


11. You suddenly wake up at night from a deep satisfactory relaxing sleep and this pissed you off.
You think you are very close to your morning alarm time. You tried not to see but reluctantly saw a glimpse of Clock. Only to find that you have a lot of hours left to sleep.


12. You are in a mood to delete all useless and boring stuff from your computer. As you clicked into this lost and lonely folder. You found those wonderful pictures of you and your loved ones that you once thought you had either deleted them or lost them. Lucky you


13. Well-done .. so finally you have played that bsvak12l.mp3 file that you were ignoring for a while, just to find out its your favorite song that you haven’t listened for a long while. you even forgot whether you really had that song in your phone or not.


14. When either Saturday or Monday is holiday and if luckily both are holidays, this is the best thing that can happen. As you get 3 consecutive holidays.

15. You never tried this thing before, never really cared about it, you think its useless, won’t give you anything worthwhile. Finally you did it just because you were persuaded by someone whom you can’t refuse. And now after doing it for the first time you find yourself with mixed feelings of joy and repentance. Joy for doing it and repentance for not doing it all this while.


16. Earlier You thought that chocolate cake was finished but as you opened the refrigerator you luckily found some of it.


17. You are feeling lazy today and don’t want to go to gym and you also didn’t want your mind to blame on you for not being active enough to go to gym. Suddenly it starts to rain. Luckily Now you have a strong excuse in your support for not going.


18. You were not sure about the option C as the correct answer of the question but still choose option C as your answer. And Just after coming out of exam you search for it online and there you go option C was right answer.


19. You have just found a hundred rupee currency note in your winter jacket.

20. You try this every now and then but fail everytime. But today you just got it right and typed the correct password of your old facebook account.

21. You might have never thought about him since many months, not even called him for a long time. And suddenly out of nowhere you realises that today or next week its his/her birthday.

22. You have never opened this particular book of your college time for quite a long while and now as you finally did this you have found this completely pressed red rose in it.


Please comment below which of these moments really happened to you exactly the same way. I know these small moments must have bring a smile on your face.


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