Benefits of NOFAP lifestyle

By | November 19, 2018

NOFAP Experience


The Trap of Porn

Men Are Tempted to Lust. It’s easier for them to give in to sexual temptation than women. It’s really hard for men to spend a day without having sexual thoughts. That is the reason why men like to watch a lot of porn videos than women. Those who get regular sex watches porn as much as those who do not.


But one thing seen in both of them is that they know they are addicted to it. Sex has almost become a drug which you find hard to resist. The more you do it more you want of it.  No sexually encounter is less awesome than the previous one. You just can’t get enough of it. We men don’t like to miss a single chance of getting it even if the opportunity lies out of a committed relationship.


I think there will be no man in the world who is not aware of this fact that how enslaved he is to these sexual fantasies. Just for a momentary pleasure how much he has to pay for it. Yes, it may sound weird to you but every pleasure comes with a price. You might have never heard it before but this sexual energy is not created for us to have immense pleasure or just for the continuity of human races. Actually, this is our creative energy. Yes, creative energy which we are using just for momentary excitement. We lose a huge amount of this creative energy when we focus this creative energy into bodily pleasures.


What’s wrong with this is we get so much hooked with are sexual fantasies that if we don’t have a partner with us we indulge in activities like watching porn and then finally ending it with a perfect stop and go technique style masturbating session. Yes, I intentionally mention stop and go technique here because this is the best technique ever known to men that can make any self-pleasing session longer and satisfying than any other technique.


I know it’s really hard to control this super powerful force of nature. But this is also very important to utilize this energy for which it is meant for. I mean in real sex rather than seeing two persons having sex on your laptop or mobile screen.

There are a lot of benefits of following NOFAP lifestyle.

1) Your mind will be more focus and attention. Like no distraction can divert your focus easily

2) You will have Better stamina in sports and all other energy/Strength demanding activity.

3) You are less likely to get depressed with whatever life throws at you.

4) Your increased self-confidence will make you feel that now you are attracting hot girls better than before

5) You will feel energetic all the time

6) You will respect woman even more and will appreciate her inner feminine quality as now you have got your male brutal force in your control

7) Your erections will become much harder than ever before

8) Surprisingly your body structure will also get affected as you’ll feel having good broad shoulder and chest

9) Your energy and strength will reflect from your eyes

10) Voice becomes more authoritative and deeper.

12) Those useless rage and anger thoughts will be reduced

13) Your Girlfriend and other girls will also notice this change in you knowingly or unknowingly. They will try to get closer to you more often. As they can sense it

14) Ability to look at women and feel her,

15) Men will start respecting you more. You will be the alpha male among them

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But in order to get all these benefits, one needs to follow this NOFAP lifestyle and resist this urge to pleasing yourself when you are without a partner.  Yes, strong willpower and determination are required in NOFAP lifestyle but results you get are also rewarding.

In this poll question about NOFAP experience, I want to know what was your experience. I have given some interesting options for you to choose your answer. however, If you find no option that goes similar to your experience. Don’t forget to mention it in the comments section. 

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