Seeing Ghost at Night

By | November 19, 2018

Seeing Ghost at 1 am at night

Seeing a horrifying glimpse is not something that every one desires to see. Seeing someone which does not belongs to this world we live in could be the scariest thing in the world. Nobody wishes to meet that cannot be seen, touched and talked to but only experience and that too in a terrifying way.


An experience which usually takes your breath away at least for the moment when it is happening in front of you. These horrifying glimpses not only leave you speechless but also make you even more scared of seeing those glimpses again. When you first have a horrifying experience of something. It scares the hell out of you. And then it keeps on haunting you afterwards Just like the aftershocks of an earthquake.


You then questions your mind whether it was real or I just had an illusion? Even if it was not real now you can’t have a good night sleep at least for that night.



Personally talking a have never seen any horrifying glimpse in my entire life. But I want to witness some frightening moments like seeing someone or something that was not there. I love listening horrifying experiences of my friends and the people i know.   Maybe that is the reason why I like watching horror movies a lot. But there aren’t many good horror movies which are worth watching the only movie that I liked was MAMA.


Wow, what a great movie was it. Everything was perfect story, screenplay, acting, computer graphics, background music everything was done with perfection. The character of mama in the movie was well conceptualized. All the scenes in which “mama” was on the screen were awesome. Here is the link of that must watch movie MAMA

In this poll I just want to know is there anyone who’s just like me. Who has never seen any horrifying glimpse in his entire life and still waiting for something like that to witness. So here in this poll I have asked this question that “if you were to choose any one from the following options which horrifying glimpse you would dare to see at night. And the options that I have given are ranging from less horrifying to extremely scary. Seeing a ghost rotating his face to 360 degree being the scariest one and seeing a black misty ghost is the least scary.

And as I thought before people voted exactly how I anticipated it.

A ghost rotating his face 360° got only 6.67% votes which is the minimum and A black misty ghost got 35.56 % of votes.


This show that seeing a ghost rotating his face 360 degree is the creepiest and enough to make you stay awake at nights in fear for days. And Seeing a Black misty ghost got so less votes maybe because one can easily belies himself for not seeing anything and calling it just an imagination but the same cannot go with the previous option that easily.


Lets see how people reacts to this poll question. And how many people will be there who don’t find seeing a ghost rotating face 360 degree the scariest one and choose that option. Right now only 6 persons choose to see that glimpse at night.

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