7 Signs of a Future Millionaire Who is Currently Broke

By | December 17, 2018

Broke Milliionaire


Some of you may find this article funny, some find it ridiculing the emotions of some aspirants, some find it as their own story is written in words, some find it really useful and worth reading, Some may thank that at least there is Someone (Me) who knows their true potential and weakness as well. Some may feel that they are not alone and might feel motivated after reading this article. Although I have nowhere in this article given any sort of advice on how to be successful.  

Some might realize that what they assume as their weakness is not a weakness but is actually a sign of a future millionaire. But this article is not written for those who just want an excuse for being a lazy as they think they already have all the qualities of a future millionaire. This article is written for those who really believe that they have a great idea but for some reasons are not working on it. You can say this article is a bit of a satire on them with the sole purpose of igniting that spark which they really need.


1. You are not stable in your job.

I mean to say that you don’t stick to a job for a long time. The reason for it could be many but the deeper reason is you don’t want to do a job actually. You feel like caged even while sitting inside a well-furnished cabin. The reason for this frequent change in the job might appear to be your search for a better paying job on but deep down in your heart this is not the reason. You know yourself better than anyone else. You know that you are not a 9 to 5 Job type person.



2. You are delaying your plan:

You know that you have a million dollar idea in your mind but you are so busy with that million dollar idea that you don’t have time to make a realistic plan for that money making idea. The fantasies are so sweet that you don’t want to come out of it. Daydreaming about what you will do with money and how you going to spend it is something more important than making real efforts for it.



3. You love sleeping:

More than necessary love for sleeping is another sign of a future millionaire who is broke now or should I say not rich now. Because you know that you already have a million dollar idea you think that you have plenty of time to enjoy and can sleep like a log till the time money start flowing into your bank account like a flood.



4. You are a night owl:

Night time is often seen as the favorite time of a future millionaire who is currently broke. As I said you love sleeping but the problem is you never sleep when it is the proper time to sleep. Your “Daydream” of encashing millions of dollar continues till 2 or 3 AM in the Night.



5. You focus on too many ideas at once:

As you know that the money is about to fall like rain from the sky and you are going to be a millionaire soon. You then try to be very smart and start thinking about various other money-making ideas. Because you are ambitious you want to become multi-millionaire. Being a millionaire doesn’t satisfy you. And this is how you spoil everything by working on more and more ideas at one time and never give your full attention to one idea. This divided focus of yours is not giving you the results that your one million dollar idea can.



6. You get Depressed easily:

just when you find out that your unique ideas are not that unique, as there are already many who worked on that idea and are successful, you get demoralized. This is the reason why you focus on many ideas at a time instead of working or improving one single idea at a time.



7. Your Priority list is messed up:

I am not saying that you do nothing that moves you towards your goal. Yes, you do at times, but the problem is it doesn’t take much time for you to get disturbed and shift your focus to something else. It may be hunger, your favorite T.V show, a phone call, your various other projects, meeting or chatting with friends etc. these things are also important to some extent but if it is becoming an obstacle in your road to success than you must push them far back in your priority list.


If you like this article then please share it. Share it with someone who has all these signs and dreams to be a millionaire. See if he/she take this article as a satire or really feels motivated.

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