How to Overcome Inferiority Complex

By | January 9, 2019

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We all know what inferiority complex is. The lack of self-worth, low self-esteem, not giving value and importance to oneself. Feeling that I am not good enough and others are much better than me is inferiority complex.

It is the worst feeling to live with because you constantly demean yourself for not being as good as others are. You become oblivious to the fact that you too have positive attributes in your personality that you could feel proud of having.

Inferiority Complex Always Arises in Comparison.

When you start comparing your ability & competence with someone who is better than you then you are bound to feel inferior. You should also know that whom you feel superior he is also trapped in this cage of inferiority complex. There must be 10 more persons whom he feels inferior too.

So you are not alone. This tendency of judging yourself with others is quite prevalent in every human society. You won’t find anyone who is not paralyzed by this mental bondage.  


There will always be a huge number of people ahead of you on the road to success. Let’s say you are in 6th position and trying hard to be the number 1. Now for you, all those top 5 are competitors. You won’t feel at ease until you cross them and reach the no.1 spot. Till then there will definitely remain an inferiority complex in your personality. And those who are ahead of you are also dealing with the same issue as you. They are too feeling inferior to those who are head of them. So this inferiority is a relative term. That is present in all of us.

But the most important part of this example is this. The fellow who is holding the top position is equally tensed about his position of being the number one. He is yet not free from inferiority complex even after holding the number one spot.

In fact, he is more worried about losing the top position. Man as his basic nature is, he is more inclined towards making things permanent, which is the exact opposite of nature’s law of impermanence. Nothing stays forever. Everything has to come to an end after a certain time.

So if you are at the top, you won’t be there for long. someone will come and replace you. You need to allow things to happen gracefully without resisting it.

But this inferiority complex within us never allows our spirit to grow beyond competition. This might surprise you but this feeling of being inferior and inadequate can make someone be ambitious.

Something that we in our society consider as a virtue. Without knowing that being ambitious is another way of inferiority taking over your psyche. You, on the other hand, are happy about being called as an achiever in the society.

In most cases, these ambitious people are those who have a deep rooted inferiority complex in them. Their ambitions are nothing but just a disguised form of their inferiority.  

This is the reason why they are proving their superiority to the world. But the truth is their entire efforts of being superior are nothing but a self-confirmation of not being inferior inside. The reality of such an ambitious person is always the opposite of what seems outside.

It takes a lot of time to develop an inferiority complex in an individual. Parents, family, society, friends, colleagues, social media, T.V, Magazines etc. all play a vital role in molding the individual’s personality. A single incident or event can’t be blamed for evoking inferiority in an individual’s mind.

A child who is constantly criticized by his parent for not living up to their expectation is more prone to develop an inferiority complex. There are many other factors also that contribute to making a person feel lack of self-worth.

If someone gives a lot of importance money & wealth and is happen to be surrounded by people who are richer than him, than he is more likely to feel inferior around them as all that was important to him is something he himself doesn’t own and that too when he is surrounded by rich.

If a person is physically weak and not as strong as the people around him then he would definitely feel inferior in their company.

If a person comes from the lower class and is often surrounded by people from a higher class than he is very susceptible to feel inferior among them.

If a person is not as skilled in his work as his other mates are than he is likely to feel small among them.

In above examples, the root cause of the inferiority complex is trying to be like someone else and almost neglecting your own traits. And this all happens by comparing your life with others.

Once you dwell into this comparing mentality you enter into a vicious circle wherein you always judge yourself on your shortcomings, mistakes, faults, and problems. The more you judge yourself when you make a mistake the more Susceptible you become to develop an inferiority complex.

How to get rid of the inferiority complex?

In order to get rid of the inferiority complex, you need to understand only two important things that are:-

We All Have Insecurities:

Yes almost all of us have at least something in are our lives that we are not happy with and wants to have some improvement in it. Sometimes we are not happy even with our best features and qualities. You should appreciate what you have got and feel at ease with it. There are many who are craving for what you are complaining about. Just change your focus from your complaints to what you’ve been blessed with. I am not saying that you should not work on your weakness or flaws.

Yes, you must. But if you are changing yourself in order to get accepted and appreciated by others then you will be tricked by society. Because these constantly changing parameters of acceptance of society will always keep you running and will never give you time to catch your breath.

Stop Comparing yourself: 

In this world, every person is on a journey. You have been accumulating your karma since many lives. All your past lives karma are paying a major role in giving you results that you are getting now.

So instead of feeling jealous or inferior by looking what others are having and getting in their life, you should accept this fact that whatever they are getting are ALSO the results of their past karmas as well as their present actions. So just stop comparing and cherish what you have. Your journey is also as beautiful as theirs.

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